Funding | Te Taha Pūtea

Small Grants Fund 2019 | Te Tono Mara Pūtea 2019

The Palmerston North Community Services Council as part of its partnership with the Palmerston North City Council, is responsible for allocating the annual Community Development Small Grants Fund. 

This annual fund is designed to cover smaller, ongoing community development expenses incurred by volunteer organisations. These grants are open to any welfare group whose primary clientele are situated within the Palmerston North City boundaries.

Applications ARE NOW OPEN

If you require any assistance phone CSC 06 354 3809 or email:

Emergency Grant | Te Pūtea Ohotata

There is also an Emergency Grant available to any welfare group whose primary clientele are situated within the Palmerston North City boundaries. To be considered for an Emergency Grant, please write to us outlining you situation and the nature of the emergency. There is a small amount available in this fund for each financial year ending 30 June.

We will require copies of the following documents:

  • Last audited accounts
  • Current bank statements of all operational bank accounts
  • Current Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports
  • Any other material to support your request

We will endeavour to consider your application within two weeks of the request, and we may require you to meet with us to state your case.

NB: An Emergency Grant only covers the same administration costs as the small grants fund and is for organisations who are struggling to continue their operation due to financial issues. Funding will not be considered for specific projects and wages.

General Funding Information | Ngā Kōrero Whānui mō te Tono Pūtea

There are a range of different funders available that groups in the social services can apply to for assistance.

G ivUs is a database with access to more than 1,200 grants and schemes for communities, volunteer organisations, schools, groups, sport clubs and Iwi. 

givUs can be accessed for free the Palmerston North City Library (on The Square) or you can also access it remotely by using your Palmerston North City Library Card. Ask the friendly City Library staff  for help accessing and navigating this service.

Our staff are happy to talk to you more about funding options and direct you to other possible sources of help and advice.

You can also try these links to various funder websites and / or information: