What We Stand For | Te Titiro Whakamua

Palmerston North Community Services Council vision - The heart of community wellbeing, Innovative / supportive / inclusive

Mission | Te Koronga

The mission of the Palmerston North Community Services Council is to provide positive leadership and advocacy for community sectors by:

  • Nurturing inclusive reciprocal relationships and networks
  • Identifying common issues and coordinating a collaborative response
  • Fostering communication and acknowledging all stakeholders in the community
  • Ensuring the availability of capacity building opportunities and comprehensive resources for member organisations.

The mission statement of the Community Services Council is -

"To take a lead role in facilitating the empowerment of community groups to participate in and contribute to the community and its wellbeing."

 Values | Ngā Kōingo Manawa

The Palmerston North Community Services Council believes that each organisation and individual should be provided with the opportunity to develop the capacity / skill to service and meet the needs of their clients.  We endeavour to meet the needs of the Membership through these values:

  • Empathising with all member’s needs
  • Enabling communication and freely sharing knowledge
  • Working in collaboration with all members
  • Respecting the differing needs of members
  • Commitment to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Bi-cultural and multi-cultural partnerships in the community we serve
  • Professionalism and integrity in our relationships with key stakeholders
  • Partnerships with other service providers who are able to contribute positively
  • Demonstrating collaborative leadership
  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Motivation and commitment to achieve results.

Principles | Ngā Mātāpono

The principles that underpin our service to the community are:

  • Palmerston North Community Services Council services are clearly articulated and promoted to community groups and people in the community
  • An active partnership with Palmerston North City Council means that the benefit of services is accessed by more people in need
  • Members have access to appropriate information to enable them to understand the services and support available to community groups
  • Understanding the diverse needs of community groups, including mapping of available services to determine gaps in capacity and skills to address social well being challenges
  • Effective planning, designing, delivering and evaluating of the services and programmes offered members
  • Governing body has defined roles and responsibilities both individually and jointly including strategic planning, financial probity and oversight of quality assurance, along with allocating sufficient human and financial resources to achieve the Strategic Plan outcomes, objectives and reporting
  • Determine the most appropriate advocacy methods for achieving objectives, such as media campaigns and lobbying central and local government