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Collective | Te Kāhui Mangai

The Collective are a group of up to 12 individuals who are nominated by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.  The Collective is delegated with certain roles and responsibilities to help ensure the smooth running of the Community Services Council.  Within the Collective there is a Chairperson and a Secretary, who are nominated by the Collective.  At times the Collective may appoint other persons to take on certain roles and responsibilities, as required.

The current Community Services Council Collective members are:

Chairperson: Fraser Greig, organisation: Access Manawatu

Deputy Chairperson: Lyal Brenton, organisation: Just released Accomodation Trust

Secretary: Christina Hemmingson, organisation: MASH Trust

Treasurer: Margaret Bates, organisation: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Policy Officer: Jean Hera, organisation: Palmerston North Women's Health Collective

Kate Costley, organisation: Te Aroha Noa

Garry Buckman, organistation: PARS

Krys Baker, organisation: Women's Centre